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Skin Clinic

The Skin clinic has been set up to help the wide variety of conditions that commonly afflict people of all ages.

We use Chinese Herbal Medicine, Complex Homeopathy (Homotoxicology) and Food State nutrition, for a highly effective treatment of both acute and chronic skin complaints.

The conditions that are commonly presented and have been successfully treated by us include:

Acne: teenage acne, nodular-cystic acne and post adolescent acne

Bacterial and viral diseases: herpes simples, herpes zoster (shingles), impetigo, molescum contagiosum, varicella, warts


Eczema: atopic eczema from babies to adults; discoid eczema, pomplyx eczema (the palms and soles), stasis eczema (varicose), seborrhoeic eczema

Dermatitis: contact and allergic


Fungal and yeast infections: Candida (Albicans and Tropical) across the body; ringworm across the body

Lichen Simplex

Primary Hyperhidrosis

Psoriasis: plague, guttate and pustular

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Urticaria (hives)