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Latest Research

Acupuncture Research

Acupuncture in combination with routine care was shown to be clinically effective in treating osteoarthritis (OA). In a randomized, controlled trial conducted at the Charite University Medical Centre, Berlin, Germany, 3,633 patients with chronic pain due to OA of the knee or hip were randomly allocated to undergo up to 15 sessions of acupuncture in a 3-month period or to a control group receiving no on

Chinese Herbal Medicine Research

Chinese herbs show significant results in the treatment of acne. Fifty-eight patients with acne were given a standard water decoction based on the Chinese herbal formula Qing fei yi rou tang, adjusted according to the morphology of the lesions and the constitution of the patient.  After a varied time of treatment ranging from 2 to 6 months 46 cases were classified as clinically cured (all papules, pustules, nodules and cysts cleared, with no reoccurrence), 10 cases were classified as improved (reduction in all lesions, but mild reoccurrence on stopping the herbs), and 2 cases showed no on

Homotoxicology Research

A homeopathic gel Spiroflor SRL was shown to be effective in treating lower back pain. A multi-centre, randomised, double-blind comparative clinical trial was carried out at general practices in Bristol and Manchester, UK, to investigate the efficacy and safely of a homeopathic gel for treating acute lower back pain.  One hundred and sixty one participants were randomly given either a Homeopathic Spiroflor SRL gel or Cremor Capsici Compositium FNA ointment. Pain reduction was evaluated using a visual analogue scale, noting any adverse side on

Shiatsu Research

A recent literature review of 66 randomised clinical trials published before April 2005 concluded that acupressure and Shiatsu are an effective form of treatment for a variety of conditions including: labour pain, morning sickness, menstrual pain, sleep quality, low back pain, depression, enuresis, gastrointestinal motility, asthma, motion sickness, cardiovascular function, post-operative issues of pain, vomiting and intestinal function.  Although most of reviewed trials were small, many demonstrated statistically significant effects. on