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Rex Lassalle

Rex has kept himself busy over the last thirty years applying his skills and insights in the fields of Holistic Health and Oriental Medicine. He originally trained and qualified as an osteopath in the mid 70s before going on to study Acupuncture and Homeopathy with Professor Malcolm Stemp, Newton Abbott (UK). His main and long-lasting occupation is Shiatsu, a form of finger pressure massage based on the acupuncture meridians (See Therapies for more information about Shiatsu). He is a recognized practitioner and teacher of Shiatsu.

Rex pioneered the teaching of Shiatsu in the UK in the late 1970’s and has now taught over 9,000 hours of Shiatsu to students and practitioners in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. He continues to teach Shiatsu and maintains a Shiatsu practice in West London.

In the mid eighties, Rex combined a wealth of insights from his work as a Shiatsu practitioner with his deep understanding of the Oriental Five Element Theory and Nine Star Ki Astrology into a unique system of understanding “that time has another dimension beyond measurement”. Time carries qualities and these are discernible and have an on going influence on us. Rex refers to this system as “Grasshopping,” and has helped many of his clients to discover skilful ways of handling life’s challenges along with controlling emotional outbursts and, on a deeper level, to understand why they are driven, to do what they do. His first book “Grasshopping Through Time’ was published in 1999, and his second book will be released in 2007.

Rex's continuous commitment to Zen practice and the understanding and insight gained through such practice infuse his classes and private sessions with a deep listening to what is really present.

As well as writing, teaching and treating clients, Rex is often invited to speak at conferences, seminars and social gatherings.

Fee: 110/hour