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Pregnancy and Children


A great number of factors may contribute to a couple’s inability to conceive. Age, genetics, hormonal irregularity, partner incompatibility, or uro-genital dysregulation may all play a role. At The Garden Clinic we use both Chinese Herbal Medicine and Homotoxicology (Complex Homeopathy) to treat some of the possible causes of infertility.

Chinese Medicine has for centuries been successful in treating various gynaecological conditions surrounding fertility. The text Book of Mountains and Seas, which as far back as the Warring States period (476-221 BC), discusses medical plants used to treat infertility. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, infertility may result from damp accumulation, deficiency or stagnation of Qi and/or Blood in the uro-genital region. Over the centuries Chinese Medicine has refined its treatments for infertility and today is considered highly efficacious either as a sole treatment or in combination with Western medication

Homotoxicology (Complex Homeopathy) offers specialist treatment for infertility by eliminating possible infections that may inhibit conception. This field of medicine has also shown to be effective in resolving hormonal dysfunction, deficient sperm count/motility, and irregularity of ovulation.

Optimal nutrition for both partners is essential for conception and therefore is also addressed at The Garden Clinic where treatment programmes are tailored to an individual or a couple’s needs.

Antenatal and Postnatal care

Preparing for the birth is one of the most exciting and often most daunting experiences a woman is likely to go through in her life. The first birth is often difficult due to anticipation and pelvic inflexibility.  

Chinese Medicine combines effectively with Homotoxicology (Complex Homeopathy) and Shiatsu to cover a broad range of conditions that commonly arise during the ante and postnatal periods, helping to maintain optimal health and wellbeing for the mother and baby during pregnancy, aiding a smooth birth and a swift recovery after delivery.

The formula Sooth the Foetus in Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries to support the Qi (energy) and Blood (fluids) for an easy delivery. The formula is individually prescribed between the 32nd and 40th weeks, either as a decoction or powders.

Acupuncture can be used through out pregnancy to maintain optimal health of both the baby and the mother.  In traditional Chinese Medicine specific acupuncture points are used at months 3 and 6 to help detoxify toxins from the baby.

In Complex Homeopathy, Traumeel is used to help protect the perineum from tearing and to encourage healing after birth. Ubichinon and Coenzyme Compositum can also be used to nourish the perineum to help prevent tearing.  Cimicifuga Homaccord is used for the prevention of post-natal depression as well any spinal problems that might occur during delivery.  Acontium-Homoccord could be extremely efficacious particularly for the women having their first pregnancy to ease anxiety about delivery. 

Shiatsu can be used throughout pregnancy to nourish and support the mother during the changes that naturally occur. Shiatsu has been shown to help alleviate pain and tension such as at the lower back or along the shoulder blades due to the breasts swelling, and for the overall maintenance of Qi and fluid circulation. Regular Shiatsu throughout pregnancy has also shown to support the developing immunity for the foetus.

Commonly treated conditions during pregnancy

Colds and flus
Habitual Miscarriage
Lower back pain
Low immunity
Morning Sickness
Tension, aching body


Baby’s and Children tend to respond quickly and positively to Chinese Herbal medicine and Homotoxicology (Complex Homeopathy).

For the growing baby we have excellent results treating:

Crying at night
Cradle Cap
Fever of unknown origin
General Agitation
Otitis media

Viburcol, a Homotoxicology (Complex Homeopathic) product, is the remedy of choice for teething, fevers of unknown origin, and general irritation. Combining plant remedies, i.e. Chamomilla, Plantago, Pulsatilla, Dulcamara, Belladonna and Calcarea carbonica, the formula is very efficacious without causing any side effects and is, therefore, safe for use even with newborns.

With children, we have excellent results treating a wide range of conditions:

Allergic Rhinitis
Bed wetting
Chicken Pox
Disturbed sleep
Digestive problems
Hay Fever
Molloscum Contagiosum
Otitis Media
Persistent colds and flus